George Anagnostopoulos

George Anagnostopoulos George Anagnostopoulos

Dr. George Anagnostopoulos is a Senior Research Fellow of the Composite and Nanomaterials Laboratory of FORTH/ICE-HT. He has a BSc in Chemical Engineering of NTUA, a MSc in Polymer Science and Technology of University of Patras and a PhD in Chemical Engineering of NTUA. His PhD thesis is entitled: “Study of stress transfer mechanisms and the development and propagation of failure in fiber reinforced composites”. During his BSc and MSc studies he received scholarships by the State Scholarship Foundation of Greece and University of Patras, respectively, for his performance. As a PhD student, he was responsible for planning and scientific completion of a project with a title: “Study and Development of Smart Polymer Matrix Composites Incorporating Shape Memory Alloy Wires”, funded by General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Ministry of Education of Greece

Since he obtained his doctoral degree (2006), he has worked as research fellow in Materials Science Department of University of Patras and as external affiliate with FORTH/ICEHT. He was responsible for planning, scientific and economical completion of different research projects as well as for the supervision of two master theses. His main research activities were: (i) the determination of the total mechanical response of advance composite materials using non-destructive characterization methods such as Raman microscopy and (ii) the study (material properties and mechanical characterization) of reutilized plastic scrap along with natural residues.

For 5 years he worked in Photovoltaic Industry initially as Process engineer and then as a Production Manager developing technical skills such as production data analysis, research for new processing methods and new raw materials in order to reduce the total production cost. The fact that he was one of the first members of the company gave him the opportunity to participate in the initial facility design and also get training courses in many countries abroad. Due to economical crisis in Greece, he worked as freelancer providing advice for solar installations (roofs and parks) and services as energy auditor for the energy performance of buildings, while he participated as industrial consultant for the development of business and technological network of Hellenic Federation of Enterprises regarding the “Materials and Production Processes” sector.

Currently, he works as a Research Affiliate in CNM laboratory, participating in “Graphene Flagship” project. Aim of the project is to elevate graphene and related layered materials from a state of raw potential to a point where they can revolutionize multiple industries. As a post-doc researcher he is responsible for:

  1. Conducting research activities related to graphene and to other 2D materials, such as characterization and assessment of their properties using techniques such as Raman microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, electrical measurements in tandem with mechanical testing
  2. Designing and establishing a full process development roadmap along with the administrators of the research group
  3. Preparation of the technical reports of the projects

He has published 10 pear reviewed papers in international refereed scientific journals; he has participated in more than 20 international conferences/workshops/schools. His work has been cited more than 74 times and has achieved an h-index 5.