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Welcome to Composites and Nanomaterials Laboratory

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our research lab. Our group is part of FORTH/ICE-HT in Patras, Greece, that has received an exceptional external evaluation, ranking the Institute as a world class Centre of Excellence by a range of standards. We are interested in the behaviour of a wide range of materials, especially nanocomposites, polymer composites and smart materials. Please browse through our labs, research activities and publications and meet the people of CNM.

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1. Nanotechnology/Nanomaterials

2. Smart Materials

3. Composite Materials


Macro- & Micromechanical Characterisation

  • • Mechanical characterisation of composites, ceramics, concrete, fabrics, polymers, films, etc
  • • Wide range of standardized loading schemes (ASTM, DIN, EN, BS), gripping and strain measurement
  • • Real-time measurement of stress and strain in the microscale using LRM
  • • Measurement of residuals stresses and thermal/IR imaging
  • • Fracture behaviour and crack growth monitoring

Materials Processing

  • • Processing of polymer and epoxy- matrix composites, SMAs, tapes, etc
  • • Fully-automated vacuum-assisted cure control, Resin Film Infusion, Pre-Preg, Hand Lay-Up, etc
  • • High-pressure/temperature simulated environments for performance & aging tests of materials
  • • Custom-made nanomaterials: bucky papers, multi-wall CNTs, CNT forests


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