Research Assistants

George Paterakis

George Paterakis is a Doctoral Student at the Department of Chemical Engineering (Univ. of Patras) working with CVD graphene stress-strain tests, supervised by Professor Costas Galiotis. Furthermore he is a member of the Composites & Nanostructured Materials Laboratory (CNM) and at the Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences (FORTH/ICE-HT), since 2013. He received his university degree in the Department of Materials Science (Univ. of Patras) in 2012 and his MSc degree from the Interdepartmental of Polymer Science & Technology (Univ. of Patras) on the “Photovoltaic cells and devices using polymeric materials and graphene layers” in 2015. He has authored 3 scientific papers on international journals and has actively participated in 10 conferences.