Maria Giovanna Pastore Carbone

Dr. Maria Giovanna Pastore Carbone is a Postdoc Fellow at FORTH/ICEHT since February 2015. She received her university degree in Materials Engineering in 2008 and her PhD degree in Materials and Structure Engineering in 2011, both from the Dept. of Chemical, Materials and Production Engineering, University of Napoli Federico II (Italy). During her PhD, she actively collaborated with Bridgestone Technical Center Europe (Roma, Italy) and visited the laboratories headed by Prof. Costas Galiotis at FORTH/ICEHT.

She carried out post- doctoral research for three years at the Univ. of Napoli, working with Prof. G. Mensitieri and Dr. Ernesto Di Maio. During 2012 she was a visiting scientist at the Applied Raman Scattering laboratory of the School in Advanced Optical Technologies, Erlangen (Germany). She taught a graduate course in Mechanics of Composite Materials at the Dept. of Chemical, Materials and Industrial Engineering of the University of Napoli and has supervised several B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses.

Her research interests lie around the application of spectroscopic techniques, such as Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy, to study structural and functional properties of polymer and polymer-based composite materials, with particular emphasis to mechanics and thermodynamics. She has co-authored 11 scientific papers on international journals and 2 book chapters and has actively participated in more than 10 international conferences. Her current research is focused on the investigation of mechanics of graphene micro-ribbons.