Research Assistants

Nikolaos Delikoukos

Nikolaos Delikoukos, received his university degree in the Department of Materials Science of the University of Patras in 2011 and his master degree in Polymer Science and Technologies in 2015 from Physics Department of University of Patras. His thesis was conducted at ITE/IEXMH and he investigated the behavior of p-doped exfoliated and CVD graphene onto silicon oxide via Raman, Ultraviolet photoelectron and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, supervised by Assistant Professor Konstantinos Papagelis.

Currently is a Ph.D. student at Physics Department of University of Patras and he is working on the “Production and characterization of 2D multilayer materials” supervised by Professor Xristoforos Krontiras and by Assistant Professor Konstantinos Papagelis. His current research activities lie around the production of large graphene flakes and other 2D materials onto Si/SiO2 with exfoliation method and the transfer of CVD and exfoliated graphene flakes onto difference substrates. He is also investigate the level of strain and doping level of the produced flakes after the exfoliation method and after the transfer process, via Raman and AFM microscopy.

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